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How much of your thinking is by design? I don't mean that in the spiritual sense, but rather, by your design.

How much of your thinking is intentional? How much of it is YOUR thinking?

Is it possible that most of your life is being dictated by random bits and pieces of knowledge, unintentional habits, misconceptions, and various other noise that you no longer even choose to think? And if so…Can you fix it?

This topic isn't new to the podcast. In fact, there are several episodes where I have asserted that most of us are thinking thoughts that don't serve us…Thoughts we never intended to put on "Auto Pilot". I've also claimed that those repetitive thoughts can be removed and replaced with thoughts that do serve you.

But is any of that true? I mean, Dammit Jim…I'm a copywriter, not a neuropsychologist.

Lucky for us, my guest this week is a neuropsychologist.

Dr. Shannon Irvine holds a PH.D. in neuropsychology (the study of the relationship between behavior, emotion, and cognition), and is also a renowned business advisor with a passion for guiding entrepreneurs. When she says she can help you train your brain for success, it's not just a motivational pep talk - She's a bonafide expert in the science behind it.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to Recognize "destructive programming" - The unintentional, negative thoughts are running a portion of your life.
  • Why to Record those thoughts - As in, physically write them down. This isn't a meaningless exercise. Dr. Irvine explains the science behind this critical step.
  • A great way to Refute those thoughts
  • How to Replace them with positive truths

Links from this episode

https://drshannonirvine.com/ - Dr. Irvine's official site. Be sure to check out her Epic Success Podcast.


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