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A friend of mine recently gave me a not-so-subtle reminder that I am blessed to have a schedule full of things that I have chosen to do. She did this on the heels of me explaining to her how busy I was... "I have to spend 3 days in a studio recording my audio book, I've got to prepare for two upcoming workshops, I have to fly to Orlando for a mastermind meeting," and so on.

She reminded me that I was complaining about things that many people are praying for.

I am blessed to have a publisher who believes in my new book and has allowed me to record in my own voice.

I am blessed to have people willing to travel to Spokane to learn from me.

I am blessed to be part of a Mastermind group that allows me to learn from people I admire.

Same schedule...Different perspective.

That's what this week's episode is all about.

[00:00] I'm quitting...
[01:02] What's wrong with saying I'm busy?
[01:37] Be impeccable with your word
[02:40] My wakeup call
[03:46] Complaining about blessings
[06:29] My energy, my fault
[07:08] Read This Or Die


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