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Ray Edwards is a sought-after Copywriter, Author, Speaker, and Communications Strategist. His clients include Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Robert Allen, and more. On this show, Ray helps you start, run, and grow their Internet-based businesses. The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield, Don Miller, and many others.

I very often get some form of this question:

"Is 58 too late to ____?"

The number is arbitrary, and this line of questioning can go on and on... Am I too old? Am I too fat? Am I too thin? Am I too shy? Am I too...whatever.

​This week, I'm giving you my best answer to all of those questions.

Key Insights

  • Many people are asking if it's "too late"
  • What is your purpose?
  • Purpose drives persistence​Raving fans beat satisfied customers
  • Build your personal brand based on who you really are
  • ​Not being everybody's cup of tea is the whole point
  • ​Personal branding gives you the power to leave a lasting impact on others
  • Personal branding allows you to be a category of one
  • ​Use the Social Media Amplification Effect
  • Personal branding brings you continuous growth
  • ​Great platform from which you can start a coaching or membership program


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