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In today's world, there is no shortage of fuel for negative thinking, and none of us are immune to it.

The good news is that you can minimize your negative thinking by making a conscious decision to control the one thing you should always be in control of: your attitude.

The message of this week's episode is not "think good things and good things will magically happen." The message is about finding opportunities in bad situations. "What does this make possible?", as my friend and mentor, Michael Hyatt, would ask.

Sometimes there are business opportunities...finding new ways to serve others. Sometimes, there are opportunities to change the circumstances for the better.

Whatever the case, stewing in your own misery is never a solution. Even worse, that attitude tends to spread to those around you (more surplus fuel for negative thinking).

Listen to this week's episode and then do some self-analysis.

  • What are the things that fuel your negativity?
  • What do they make possible?
  • What are some positive ways you can affect them?

It's not always the easiest path to take, but it's always the better one.

  • [00:00] Be a positive thinker...not a fantasy optimist
  • [01:25] Noticing the negative
  • [03:55] Be unreasonable
  • [05:43] Your beliefs dictate your actions
  • [08:04] Rational Optimism
  • [11:20] Your excuses are valid
  • [12:49] Your attitude is 100% your fault

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