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Ray Edwards is a sought-after Copywriter, Author, Speaker, and Communications Strategist. His clients include Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Robert Allen, and more. On this show, Ray helps you start, run, and grow their Internet-based businesses. The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield, Don Miller, and many others.

Are you living under the influence of one of these 3 stupid lies that keep you broke?

Graham Cooke says, “When you believe a lie, you empower the liar.” Stop doin' that! Today we'll talk about the truths that can set you free.

By the way…

I do this show to help you build the business you dream of and live the life you deserve. I show people like you ideas on how to start and grow an online business you'll love for less than $100. The economy doesn't dictate your fate, the politicians won't save your bacon, it's up to entrepreneurs like you and me! Start a business… save the world!

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Feature Story: 3 Stupid Lies That Keep You Broke

  1. The economy is the problem.
  2. You can't make it these days without credit cards and borrowing money.
  3. It costs too much and is too risky to start a business of your own.

Lies, lies, lies! And when you listen to the podcast you'll know why they are lies and how to escape from them.

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