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Ray Edwards is a sought-after Copywriter, Author, Speaker, and Communications Strategist. His clients include Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Robert Allen, and more. On this show, Ray helps you start, run, and grow their Internet-based businesses. The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield, Don Miller, and many others.

I'm so excited to offer you this special bonus episode of the Ray Edwards Show. Today you're in for a real treat, as you listen in on a conversation with Michael Hyatt. In this week's episode, Michael shares some practical lessons from his new book, Living Foward. 

Whenever Michael and I talk, the conversation always takes some fun and unexpected turns, and this was no exception. Listen to the episode now to hear:

  • The valuable lesson Mike and his wife Gail learned after surviving a terrifying riptide in Hawaii (and it's not the lesson most people take from this kind of experience.)
  • Why telling your boss “no” can be the most important, career-enhancing thing to do (if you do it for these reasons, in this way.)
  • The surprising but important difference between courage and confidence.
  • The reason why Michael thinks it's perfectly acceptable for Christians to pursue the “life they want” – and it's based on this one question Jesus repeatedly asked people… before he healed them. (This is a fascinating insight, worth the entire interview.)

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