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This week we’re taking off the gloves! My son Sean and I–along with Tiffany and Adrianne–get down and dirty in a heated discussion about Capitalism and Socialism. It all started with a controversial Facebook post I wrote about why I’m a proud Capitalist Pig… oink, oink!

We’re also going to talk about…

  • An online tool that allows you to “exponentialize” your social media content. You can create content one time and have it show up in many different social media platforms, “automagically.”
  • The time I fell into the dangerous trap of judgment. Why and when you should or should not judge others and what the consequences of doing so can be if you’re as careless or insensitive as I was.
  • Why Sean and I believe Socialism is “evil.” How a government based on Socialist financial ideas is holding a gun to the head of every business owner.

How to put out the fire of a heated political debate. Hint: all it takes is a quick Q & A about hoverboards, 10-inch bellybuttons, and tastebuds in your butt… You’ll see…

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Spiritual Foundations

This week I share what I learned from a painful “foot-in-my-mouth” situation. The worst part was, my words were directed at a friend was dying from cancer… I ate a heap of humble pie as a result…

  • (1:45) With weeks to live, my friend told me how much the ministry of a famous TV pastor meant to him. Hear how insensitive I was and what it taught me about being quick to pass harsh judgment.
  • (2:35) Patiently allowing me to explain why I thought this TV minister was theologically wrong, my friend gently helped me see what a fool I was being. I had let my judgment of the minister cloud my mind and make me blind to the more important, more truly ‘Christian’ lesson my friend taught me.

Ray’s Tip of the Week:

  • (3:52) This is the coolest service I’ve seen in a long time. Are you a content creator like me? If so, you won't want to miss this ‘tip of the week’ … it will change your life!
  • (4:05) Use this tool to repurpose to content across the internet. For example, do you host a podcast? This tool converts your episodes into several shorter, engaging videos. It posts them to all the major platforms “automagically.” Imagine the amount of time this will save you and your team!

Feature Presentation:

We had all kinds of fun and got pretty riled about the ideas and ripple effects of Socialisms and it’s pervasiveness in our culture.

  • (5:30) Hear the word-for-word “rant” I posted on Facebook about being a Capitalist Pig. Get a load of some of the outrageous 184 responses I got. I won’t use the 4-letter words, but you’ll get the gist.
  • (6:46) Why one of my friends suggested I run for President in 2020. Ha! Fat chance! But… just in case… #RayEdwards2020.
  • (8:01) Sean shares 2 socialist “horror” stories from the family coffee shop, Revel77. The real threat to their business and how he’s not going to put up with it anymore.
  • (10:00) Why remaining silent when evil ideas are spread is almost as bad as spreading them yourself. How this discussion prompted a zinger of a comment from one of my friends… “Don’t expose people to the truth. They’re very fragile.”
  • (11:40) What people started assuming about my beliefs based on the few things I said. This drives me bananas!
  • (11:59) Tiffany’s thoughts about the ridiculousness of a $15/hour minimum wage. What is says about the people who get this kind of pay with little to no education and how it’s harming society.
  • (12:42) Adrian shares her thoughts about minimum wage and how hard she had to work early in her career to get that kind of money. Why it’s not fair to pay someone the same amount when they have little to no training.
  • (13:59) The benefits of being paid on merit. Why do people think that somehow it’s my fault if the Walmart Greeter doesn’t make enough to support him or herself?
  • (15:27) The most undemocratic thing a country can do. The only two ways governments get money to fix social ills.
  • (16:18) Why we’re all in a constant state of “dilution.” How the government dilutes the value of the dollar with either of its methods of increasing the amount of cash available in the economy.
  • (17:50) The twisted insult that made me wonder whether this “friend” is really much of a “friend” after all. Even his attempt at softening the blow drove the dagger deeper.
  • (18:34) How Socrates described the recourse of losers. The truth hurts pretty bad, after all.
  • (19:00) Why welfare checks and giving people a basic living wage violates human nature. The basic differences between animals and humans prove Capitalist ideas as the most rewarding way for people to adapt and survive.
  • (21:29) The secret to a long and prosperous life. How ignoring this truth has created a nation of sick people who don’t know how to live life and thrive on Cheeto dust and Netflix binges instead.
  • (22:20 ) Why charity has to be completely voluntary or else it becomes a form of slavery. How most forms of taxation are little more than “charity at gunpoint.”
  • (23:46) How governments use the threat of violence to prove safety nets and welfare for people who refuse to take care of themselves. Why entrepreneurs, not politicians, are the real job creators.
  • (25:22) Why Capitalist Pigs are responsible for all the great things we have in society today. Why governments think can they control and over-regulate businesses and how it destroys the potential for economic growth.
  • (26:19) Why considering holding someone at gunpoint is the best way to determine how you should vote for a new law or policy. This litmus test quickly clarifies your moral feelings on any given policy change.
  • (29:18) Why the government's socialistic practices make it so expensive to run a business. Why this made us seriously consider closing the coffee shop and giving up on this style of business.
  • (31:28) How important it is that we not let dangerous soul-killing ideas spread uncontested. Why keeping your head down and your mouth shut can be as harmful as causing the injustice in the first place.
  • (32:17) Two toxic doctrines of demons so prevalent in our society. Why the only hope for humanity is to ruthlessly abandon these ideas.

Tiffany’s “Would You Rather” Q&A Session:

  • (33:35) Would we rather live in a world where huge friendly gummy bears walk around or where hoverboards exist?
  • (35:15) Would we rather live the rest of our lives with Cheeto dust on our fingers or have taste buds in our butts?
  • (35:31) Would we rather have accordions for legs or have 10-inch long belly buttons?
  • (36:42) What were the high points and the low points of our week? One included working on Sunday and the other involved an accidental double dose of medication.
  • (38:45) What were the best parts of our recent trip to Nashville? We picked between live music, shopping, and Tiffany being like a grandma and going to be early.
  • (40:58) Adrian's simple cure for pink eye and how to use a type of baby soap to clear it up in a jiffy.


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