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My Parkinson's symptoms are not something I can hide. I can't keep them under control just because I'm in public, or on a Zoom meeting, or on a stage...They are something I share with everyone I meet, whether I want to or not.

But my diagnosis was the genesis of other struggles. The kind that can be hidden. Struggles we feel we must endure alone; perhaps because we've convinced ourselves that no one else will care, or understand...or because we're ashamed, or sometimes because we don't really even understand our own problems.

For me, I came to the realization that my symptoms (the ones the world could see) were not the true cause of my fear and uncertainty for my future. My biggest struggles were internal. Once I understood that, I knew I could make real, lasting change. I knew I could improve my life in spite of my doctors telling me that it would only get worse.

My affliction may be incurable, but the way I think is certainly not. That is something I can change...Something that can be cured. But how?

That's what this week's episode is all about.



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