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"People Pleasing" is NOT the way to build a brand. You might build a BIG list that way, but you won't build a QUALITY one.

Your list, your followers, your subscribers...They need to know the real you if you want to build a meaningful connection. (You know, the kind that brings in revenue for your business.) Your message must align with your brand.

My guest this week is known as "the People Displeaser" (a.k.a. Nick Pollard), and he has done exactly that.

Nick and I will discuss his journey, and how being authentic with his audience has helped him build a list of actively engaged, loyal followers. 

Key Insights

  • ​Nick Pollard's recent video on TikTok has over 1.8 million views (and climbing)...but why "that" one?
  • ​Don't worry about the size of your email list, focus on the depth of your relationship with your subscribers.
  • ​Maintaining a high list engagement with a 50% open rate, even without marketing to them, shows the importance of having a targeted and interested audience.
  • ​Nick's engagement with his audience's list is HUGE. That's a result of building a strong connection with his audience which paves the way for successful marketing.
  • ​The key to building engagement with your audience is being honest and authentic from the start.
  • ​Nick had rapid list growth, going from 1,500 to over 11,000 subscribers, thanks to a little bit of luck, and a viral video.
  • ​The content that performs the best is when the creator is being authentic.
  • ​Nick believes that high engagement on social media comes from sharing only what truly matters and resonates with the audience, rather than bombarding them with irrelevant content. (Don't force it!)

Video and Transcript



  • NickPollard.com - How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser, Quit Lying to Yourself About How Miserable You Are, And Finally Build a Life of Freedom Where You Don’t Come In Last Place.
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