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Ever have that dream of waking up and finding that your most recent video got hundreds of thousands of views while you were sleeping? I have. I have yet to experience this personally, but that's exactly what happened to my guest, Matt Wolfe.

In this conversation with Matt, we'll talk about his sudden boom (9 years after launching his channel) - What caused it? How have things changed? What opportunities has it made possible?

Matt is a passionate student of A.I. and it shows in his videos. We'll discuss the importance of creating the content you're passionate about, what role A.I. (and humans) play in the future of content creation, and why Matt thinks the human brain is not yet obsolete.

  • [00:00] Matt and I discuss his popularity increase after chat GPT became public, his journey of creating videos, gaining traction, and finding success with AI-related content.
  • ​Overnight success? Hardly. Matt started his YouTube channel in 2009, focusing on WordPress and teaching people how to build websites
  • ​Matt discovered that his videos about AI gained more popularity than his marketing content, leading him to shift his channel's focus. One of his A.I videos has now hit 1.2 million views.
  • [04:36] Matt shares his 14-year journey to success and how he is monetizing his business.
  • ​​Matt created his website, futuretools.io, to organize and access useful tools he discovered. This site now serves as an A.I. resource for thousands of visitors each day.
  • ​Lots of copycat sites have emerged since Matt's launch of futuretools.io, but that doesn't bother him. He originally built this site as a resource for himself and not as a business model.
  • ​Matt sees himself as an enthusiastic user of AI technology rather than pretending to be an expert. He believes (and I agree) that has played an important role in his success.
  • ​Matt's revenue streams include: affiliate links, featured listings, sponsorships, a weekly newsletter, a YouTube channel, and a podcast.
  • [12:35]  Will A.I. take over content creation? Matt believes that real people creating content on YouTube will always win because the audience connects with a genuine creator.
  • [19:46] Creating authentic and passionate content that resonates with you is more valuable than focusing on data-driven strategies, spammy content, or trying to please the algorithm or audience.
  • ​Be real...Let your personality shine through in your content. Focus on creating content that excites and interests you.
  • [22:56]  Use AI as a tool to enhance content creation
  • ​Feedly is an AI-powered RSS feed reader that allows users to find and filter articles and news on specific topics.
  • [27:54]  What about AI's  potential to create fake content and undermine the credibility of video and photographic evidence
  • What does Matt think about AI replacing jobs?
  • [33:19]  Do we still need people? Of course. But not for everything...
    AI will potentially replace manual labor jobs, but humans will adapt and find new ways to add value.
  • [36:47]  Where to find Matt...and when do we get the new podcast?


  • futuretools.io : Matt's site that "Collects & Organizes All The Best AI Tools So YOU Too Can Become Superhuman!"
  • Matt's YouTube Channel : Definitely worth subbing and binging

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