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Ray Edwards is a sought-after Copywriter, Author, Speaker, and Communications Strategist. His clients include Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Robert Allen, and more. On this show, Ray helps you start, run, and grow their Internet-based businesses. The show includes interviews with well-known experts like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Dan Miller, Cliff Ravenscraft, Michael Stelzner, Amy Porterfield, Don Miller, and many others.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a “shake-up” on the show. We had several weeks in a row of freewheeling discussion with two of my assistants, Tiffany and Adrian, and my son, Sean.

To please the long-time listeners, some of whom aren’t thrilled with this new style of episode, we’ve decided to launch a second podcast.

That way, if you want to tune into the freewheeling silly stuff, you can do that. And if you want to hear the more serious business and copywriting stuff, you can do that too.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about the new podcast.

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Spiritual Foundations:

Today on Spiritual Foundations I discuss…

  • (1:55) Is it wrong to pray for your business? Many Christians I know think it’s greedy and selfish to ask God for material gain. Here’s what Peter has to say about it.
  • (2:40) Why prayers about our worry and our prosperity change us. This change of perspective helps us see how God can communicate to us his plans for our prosperity in business.
  • (3:10) A powerful method for building your faith and seeing more answers to your prayers. This works. I’m absolutely sure of it!

Ray's Tip Of The Week

This week I want to tell you about Cardflow Plus.

  • (3:30) It’s an iPad app that’s helping me storyboard my videos. I like doing this on paper, but when that’s not an option, this app is saving the day.
  • (3:55) It’s like a stack of virtual 3×5 index cards you can use for speeches or book outlines. It’s very versatile and easy to use.

Check it out at http://www.qrayon.com/home/cardflow/.

Episode Sponsor:

Are you stuck in a humiliating, soul-sucking job?

I’ve had the privilege of helping a small group of remarkable people transition from a job they hate to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. For example…

  • Dr. Douglas Pew, a composer and conductor whose music was performed at the Kennedy Center. He’s well on his way to becoming an A-list copywriter.
  • Mike Kim, the branding expert who turned the company he worked for completely around, made it prosperous, then started his own company, a hit podcast, and now runs marketing for John Maxwell’s team.
  • Sara Anna Powers, who left her six-figure job as an attorney and started her own freelance writing practice. She runs her own live boot camps and high-end coaching programs and is set up for her first million dollar year!

There’s one thing these 3 real writers have in common. They are all graduates of my Certified Copywriter Program.

If you’re reading to trade your boring 9 to 5 straightjacket job for a life you love, this could be the new beginning you've been hoping for.

3 good reasons to become a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter.

  1. Establish your credibility. It’s hard to stand out in today’s market as a copywriter. Borrow my credibility and my reputation when you’re certified by me. I put my name under yours.
  2. Get more leads. The toughest part of this business is getting leads. We get lots and can’t handle them all. Would you like to get high quality leads from us?
  3. Multiply your income instead of growing your copywriting business incrementally. Why not grow exponentially? Don’t just add your income, multiply it.

Go to RayTraining.com to learn more.

Well, we’re offering a new service through my agency, Inklings, LLC. RayEdwards.com/CopyFix.

Feature Presentation:

In my conversation with world-class copywriter Kevin Rogers, you’ll discover…

  • (5:50) How my guest went from a dead-broke stand-up comedian to a world-class copywriter. The simple joke formula he used to make the transition.
  • (6:50) Why Kevin dropped out of high school and what he did instead. How being away from school helped him buckle down and study what he really loved.
  • (8:45) Why stand-up comics posses a magic few others can grasp. It’s an outrageous phenomenon that causes a stranger to entertain a crowd of people with nothing but a microphone and some words.
  • (10:46) Why vomiting before every performance, even in his 70s, meant Henry Fonda still had his head in the game. Without this one thing, you can get complacent and lose your edge.
  • (11:40) The twisty-turny journey that took Kevin from comedy to copywriting guru-hood. How his amazing mentors helped him bridge the gap and reach the top of the field.
  • (13:15) How stalking his favorite copywriter turned into a master-apprentice relationship. It helped him discover his unique copywriting identity and create a memorable platform.
  • (19:05) The simple teachings in one of Dan Kennedy’s book that crystallized Kevin’s marketing learning. You can read piles of marketing books and never quite be sure you’re getting it right until you learn these simple truths.
  • (20:45) How “not being desperate” does more for getting a sale than almost everything else. The manner of delivery is crucial and more important than almost any other marketing tactic.
  • (23:15) Why the copywriting industry is filled with some of the most humane, caring, helpful people. It has to do with where we all came from at the start of our careers.
  • (25:25) The secret reason why giving away your best stuff brings you fantastic rewards at least nine times out of ten. It’s the kind of behind-closed-doors strategy that makes us some of the most blessed freelancers in the world.
  • (27:10) Why copywriters know more about abundance than the abundance guys do. A real-life example of a big-name personal development expert who secretly hates his customers and why copywriters are not really in competition with each other.
  • (28:25) How a copywriting legend gave Kevin a chance to shine and helped him overcome imposter syndrome. It took an incognito trip to Chicago, a clipboard, and a little white lie to make it happen, but it happened.
  • (35:45) The copywriter community Kevin built and where he now gives his full-time attention. It’s a gated, paid community where he shares all his greatest teachings, coaching, and encouraging to up-and-coming copywriters.
  • (39:45) How Kevin’s community brings together the good copywriters who need better clients and business owners who need good copywriters. It’s a safe, win-win place where business marriages happen all the time.
  • (44:50) The biggest challenge Kevin sees new copywriters struggling with and how to overcome them. It’s the one thing that makes great copywriters good at writing yet full of fear.
  • (46:15) Why it’s crucial for copywriters to have swagger and humility at the same time. The unique working environment requires these two seemingly opposite traits and what copywriters can do to make sure they keep them in balance without being eaten alive by either.
  • (48:10) The biggest challenge Kevin sees business owners struggling with when looking for a good copywriter. Disaster happens without this crucial understanding, in spite of good intentions.
  • (50:10) Why thinking of copywriters as expensive “wordsmiths” is the single most deadly idea a business owner can have with regard to hiring a copywriter. It has to do with a profound, tweetable truth Kevin shared




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