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"OK Boomer..." - A popular comment on the internet meant to insult someone by implying the entire Boomer generation just "doesn't get it."

I won't spend a lot of time breaking down the irony of how some of the modern generation, characterized as tolerant and accepting, can paint an entire group of people with the same broad brush (a crime which they often accuse Boomers of), but rather focus on the facts and figures...Boomers, and Gen-X'ers are raking in millions by marketing their knowledge online.

This week's episode is meant to be a kick in the pants to you Boomers and Gen-X'ers out there who haven't figured this out yet...People will pay for what you know. But that's not even the best part. Not only do they value your knowledge and experience (perhaps more so than your current employer), but it's never been easier to deliver it to them. The tools have been simplified, the costs have been minimized and the only thing standing between you and your own work-from-anywhere life is your commitment...and perhaps a little guidance.

Before you jump in, here are some more encouraging facts and figures: I don't have a huge youtube audience. I have a little more than 9,000 subscribers as I write this. That's probably more than your local high school gym can handle, but in the Youtube world, it's not an impressive figure. BUT - that audience generated 6 figures in revenue for my company this year. I'll explain how in this week's episode.

  • [00:20] That's easy for you to say
  • [01:09] It seems we've forgotten
  • [02:39] An audience of interested people
  • [04:17] Don't monetize your audience
  • [05:50] Build your audience
  • [06:23] How many do you need?
  • [07:01] How do you start from nothing?
  • [07:32] Accelerating the process
  • [08:32] An example
  • [10:02] The ultimate secret research tool
  • [10:25] 1,000 true fans
  • [11:51] Unique...is usually bad
  • [12:38] Another BIG reason to start now
  • [13:14] That's easy for you to say
  • [14:00] How it really works
  • [14:57] 2 challenges that made things tougher
  • [16:10] What I always look for
  • [18:42] You can do this

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