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I'd like to preface this by acknowledging that America is not officially in a recession, and that things may not get as bad as some of the typical sources of gloom and doom would have us believe.

There are, however, some facts that can't be denied. As we continue to recover from the costs of the pandemic and the threat of war still looms over us, things will no doubt get worse in some sectors. The fear that the fearmongers are spreading is not completely unfounded.

This week, I'd like to remind you of some facts to counter those fearmongers. Not just a motivational speech, but some valid observations from someone who has lived through unpleasant economic times before...me.

  • [00:00] Intro - The fear
  • [00:54] Past recessions
  • [02:34] What now?
  • [03:46] Your most valuable asset is...
  • [04:26] Being me...
  • [06:52] Culture and clarity
  • [07:55] Your community
  • [08:52] Courage

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