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It's almost that time of year...

Time to declare big changes for 2024! And then abandon those declarations in a few short weeks. 

I'm not trying to be negative, but the reality is: It's hard to make significant changes in ourselves. Only 3% of people stick to their big resolutions. But why?

That's what we'll take a look at in this week's episode. Change is possible...and it can be much easier than you think.

Key Insights


  • ​ Change happens when the pain of not changing is greater than the difficulty of making the change.
  • ​The fear of not changing is often overshadowed by immediate gratification, making it difficult for people to prioritize long-term consequences over short-term pleasure.
  • ​To change, you need to make the future pain of not changing more real than the current pleasure.
  • ​People don't change unless they associate significant pain with not changing and take ownership of their ability to change.
  • ​Some people can learn to love pain through conscious choice and association with pleasure.
  • ​Choose activities that you enjoy to make change easier.
  • ​Enjoy the process of pushing yourself to achieve your goals, not just the end result.

5 Steps For Real Change

  1. Decide what it is you want to do
  2. Get clear on why it's important to you
  3. Figure out how you're going to get to the outcome
  4. Associate massive pleasure to the process of getting there
  5. Associate massive pain to not doing the process


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