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I have a proposal for you in today's episode: You have in your life what you tolerate.

What you tolerate is what you receive in life.

I already know there are a lot of people who are coming up with examples to prove me wrong. There are people saying, “Well I have a genetic disorder that I had no control over. I could not have stopped it. I did not want this.” No, but the way you deal with it, the way you process it, and the way that you experience it is up to you.

That's not genetic. That's not something you can blame on your ancestors. That's all you, my friend. If I sound fired up, I am.

I'm not angry but I am advocating for a different view on your behalf. That is, that if you're unhappy in your life, if you're dissatisfied with any part of your life, the thing you most need to do is stop tolerating that!

That's what today's episode is about.

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Spiritual Foundations

For Spiritual Foundations, I'm just going to grab a little segment from the Book of Revelation. There's a lot of controversy over this book. There's a part of the Book of Revelation where Jesus is writing letters to seven churches.

Most scholars and early church fathers believe the churches were real churches in the area. But they also represent the church as a whole, over time. There's one letter in particular where Jesus writes to one church and says to them, “You are lukewarm. I wish that you were either hot or cold but you're lukewarm and I want to spit you out of my mouth.”  Revelation 3:16

If you translated this more viscerally from the original language, it would say, “You're like lukewarm water. You're not hot or cold, you make me want to vomit.”

What does that have to do with today's topic? Everything, because what I think Jesus was saying to this church is, “You guys tolerate everything. You don't get upset on either end of the spectrum. You're not like total libertines just doing whatever you want. You're not crazy legalists who are looking for the smallest, tiniest, little sin you can condemn in people. You're just in the middle. You're not committed to anything. You tolerate everything, you make me want to puke.”

Now if Jesus felt that about His church, isn't that a lens through which we might look at our life? I'm not suggesting that you should look at your life and feel bad about yourself, but maybe it's time to question what you tolerate.

Tip of the Week

My tip of the week is another geeky, techno tip.

It's a piece of gear that I'm using these days. We're shooting some video for a big product launch that we're doing soon. I was going to hire a video crew and I just decided, “You know what? I enjoy this stuff so much. I'm just going to do it myself.”

You’ve heard us talk about it before in the show, it is the Panasonic GH5.

It's like having a million-dollar studio in your camera bag (yet you only paid a couple of thousand dollars for it).

It has the capability of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second. There are very few consumer level cameras able to do that. That means you get this fantastic resolution with crisp, sharp pictures and video. Even more exciting to me, I've just discovered that I'm able to shoot 180 frames per second slow-motion video, which means it is crystal clear and buttery smooth.

This camera is really a technological marvel. For some baffling reason, with the GH5S, Panasonic degraded the in-camera stabilization, which is one of the greatest advantages of the GH5 other than the 4K and the super slo-mo. My opinion is: don't get the GH5S, get the GH5.

Feature Presentation: “The Devastation Of Toleration”

Here are some snippets from the podcast:

  • Zero-in on the Real Question – How to respond when you’re dealt a bad situation.  9:08
  • Called according to God’s purposes –  Discovering the hidden truth about how all things work together… I said all things. 9:20
  • Create a new model for your life – Shifting your viewpoint on THIS transforms your view of life (yes, it really is that powerful)! 10:25
  • You get what you tolerate in life – How feeling like you'll puke can be the catalyst for creating your best life. 11:15
  • When is enough, enough? –  How to face the fact there are things in your life that you don’t like… but you don’t dislike them enough to change them. 13:00
  • Make an “intolerables” list – How drawing a line in the sand is the first step toward taking control of your life. 15:20
  • Sick and tired of not living up to the potential for your life? – How to uncover what you're put here to do (even if you’ve reached the second or third act in your life).  18:55
  • “Well, what do I do about that?” – Why looking at all your intolerables and asking Tim Ferris’ powerful question (in his book Tribe of Mentors) will change your life. 19:18
  • What it means to no longer tolerate – How to improve your self-image, feel stronger, more empowered, and more capable. 21:17
  • Stop constantly criticizing yourself – Why you're not complimenting the Artist when you're criticizing His artwork (if you believe in a Creator …this is transformational).  21:40
  • Cultivate gratitude – How to have a good day, every day (it's easier than you think). 23:40
  • What if there's a way out – Why deciding to stop tolerating will cause you to make a change in your life. 25:52
  • “What would life look like if this were easy?” – How to move forward to eliminate your intolerables by asking this Tim Ferris question. 26:45
  • In life you get what you tolerate – Imagine your life when you stop tolerating ________.  29:15

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Today’s podcast is a lesson in the history of marketing online. I believe there is great value in knowing the history of our industry.

Most of you in direct response internet marketing may not know we owe our careers to Ken McCarthy. Time Magazine credits Ken McCarthy with originating the idea of using click-through rates as the key metric of website performance. 

In the early 1990s, as the owner of a direct response company, Ken saw the potential of direct marketing on the internet even as software CEOs, internet enthusiasts, and advertising executives all failed to grasp the power of commercializing the internet.

In 1994, Ken organized and sponsored the first conference ever held on the commercial applications of the World Wide Web. Marc Andreessen, co-author of Mosaic and co-founder of Netscape was one of the twelve attendees of this world changing conference.

Ken’s early internet marketing experiments included email advertising, contributions to development of the banner ad, pay-per-click advertising and internet video.

Ken’s success was built on anticipating changes in the internet during the Golden Age of Innovation. A true visionary, he shares his fascinating insider's stories from the early years of the World Wide Web.

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Feature Presentation: “An Interview With Ken McCarthy”

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

  • 1994-2011 Systemseminar.com – How learning from cutting-edge direct response pioneers will benefit your business. 42:00
  • The internet turned content on its head – Understanding the difference between print and the internet and how it shaped the world. 43:00
  • An early discovery that still impacts direct response marketing today –  How Ken McCarthy realized the unexpected power in giving.  44:00
  • Give away foundational material for free – How pre-system lessons shaped our industry. 45:00
  • Split testing – Embracing this one practice changed an early web designer's approach. 46:20
  • So many System Seminar firsts – Why we owe homage to Ken (the first to use email for marketing, create sequential autoresponders, develop push-button audio, and integrate video advertising on the web). 48:00
  • Being cutting edge – How anticipating what was coming on the Internet was foundational to Ken's career. 51:00
  • “You can only work binge for so long.” – Understanding John Reed's insight and why systematizing your business is essential. 53:00
  • Apple almost closed its doors until Jobs proclaimed it, “The Education Computer” – How to follow Steve Jobs’ one simple action and revolutionize your business. 59:00
  • One foundational job of every entrepreneur – Why you can’t afford to miss this opportunity (it’s like pouring gas on a fire). 1:01
  • Ken McCarthy’s success principle – How new opportunities appear when you’re listening, looking, paying attention, talking, and reading. 1:04:25
  • Being prolific – Why doing lots of stuff leads to success (even though not much happens with 90-95% of what you produce). 1:01:45
  • The ONE thing writers must do every day – Embracing the Irving Berlin Principle will change your writing and transform your life. 1:02:09
  • Follow your passion + Have commercial instincts – How to grow your business, avoid a bland life, and optimize the fire within. 1:05:30
  • Claude Hopkins and David Olgilvy – You’re not born with it…you can develop it. (This one skill separates the successful from the struggling.) 1:06:00
  • No one has this instinct – Learning how to sell, persuade, and package from the giants in the industry will set you apart.1:06:45
  • Enjoy the process of learning – How learning from your predecessors and being prolific is key to your success. 1:07:46
  • Behind the scenes of work and success – Keeping the engine running requires this. 1:08:45

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Today I talk with the genius, the master, the go-to-guy, the king of all things LinkedIn…John Nemo.

As one of the top promoters of Copywriting Academy, John Nemo joined me at my Joint Venture Mastermind at The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Alene, Idaho.

No one knows the subject of LinkedIn like John Nemo. John transformed my LinkedIn profile, he's the real deal when it comes to LinkedIn and he's here to teach us all how to cash in on LinkedIn.

The 3 core components of his LinkedIn Riches training program:

  • Profile
  • Prospecting
  • Profiting                                      

John’s free LinkedIn training is available at rayedwards.com/nemo.

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Spiritual Foundations

Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”

It doesn't mean you have to be a believer, but you see your work as holy and sacred and you commit that to God, then I think you'll find, more often than not, you'll:

  • Do better work
  • Perform at a more excellent standard
  • Succeed

Something to try, just see what happens.

Tip of the Week

The tip of the week is the Behmor Connected Customizable brewer, a coffee brewer that simulates the results you get with a specialty coffee pour-over. It simulates the pour-over without having to do the pour-over. You can control it with your iPhone.

Feature Presentation: “How To Cash In On LinkedIn”

Uncover Why LinkedIn Is the Biggest Underused Secret Weapon in Your Online Marketing Arsenal

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

  • Frustrated, not getting anywhere online? – How changing this one common mistake will skyrocket your success.  5:17
  • The ONE thing almost no one understands – How to go viral on LinkedIn. 6:40
  • People Pleasing – Why repelling people is a good idea (and being all things to all people kills your business). 9:50
  • The shocking secret to LinkedIn success – How much personal sharing is too much? 10:33
  • The surprising tip to leveraging LinkedIn – How to draw people into your story with one simple tweak to your posts. 11:16
  • LinkedIn’s image problem – How proactive entrepreneurs can use it to your advantage.  13:45
  • The world’s biggest professional coffee shop – Why most people misunderstand LinkedIn (and how you can cash in from this podcast).  14:52
  • 500 million users in 200 countries – How to tap into LinkedIn and use it as your infinite lead generator. 14:25
  • 99% do this wrong – Why flipping your profile upside down changes everything. 15:10
  • 4 simple questions – How transforming your LinkedIn profile will multiply your lead generation by making it client-facing 15:58
  • Where all the money is made on LinkedIn – How to find and engage your ideal prospects (it’s easier that you think). 17:35
  • Scaling up and bypassing the gatekeepers – How to quickly harness the power of LinkedIn. 20:03
  • Don’t freak them out – Why communicating with prospects in a non-spamy way is the only way to make LinkedIn work for you. 20:45
  • The world’s biggest professional search engine – How to personalize and automate your engagement on LinkedIn so you can maximize your relationships.  21:23
  • Courtship & Dating – Why asking for time or money on your first interaction is guaranteed to backfire. 23:14
  • The Power of the ASK – How stepping back and asking permission builds trust and like-ability (and sets you apart).  24:40
  • Should you send an ebook? – Why understanding what your prospects value is the key to lead generation.  26:43
  • You don’t see cat videos – The business mindset of LinkedIn users and how professionals are searching for your content, direction, tips, and advice. 33:00
  • The Biggest Underused Secret Weapon in your Online Marketing Arsenal – What I really think about the power of LinkedIn and why you must act today. 33:59
  • Rayedwards.com/nemo – How to get more business and more profit for yourself.  34:15
  • A Powerful Online success tip – Why LinkedIn helps you scale up faster and more effectively. (It’s all about relationship building.) 35:47
  • Writing LinkedIn profiles for high profile clients – How to implement the same system used by Ray Edwards, Chris Brogan, and John Lee Dumas. 35:15

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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We’re talking about prosperity. That’s the word of the year with my company and with me.

What does it mean to prosper? We know that it means to do well financially, but it’s so much more than that. It’s your health, your relationships, it’s the ways you are fulfilled in life (such as growing as a person and contributing in a meaningful way to other people).

Prosperity is a fullness of life and a fulfilling way of living in every way possible.

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Spiritual Foundations

This week, I’m reading from Psalm 1 (the New Living Translation).

“Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with sinners, or join in with mockers. But they delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on in day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.”

Tip of the Week

One of my goals this year is to read through the Bible again in a year. My tip of the week is the Daily Audio Bible Mobile app. I used the Daily Audio Bible app last year. The new mobile app is a very pleasant and nearly effortless way to read through the Bible in a year. Brian, the guy who does the reading, is an excellent reader, that makes all the difference. He reads different translations throughout the year. The Daily Audio Bible Mobile app is available for android or iOS.

Feature Presentation: “The Pathway To Prosperity This Year”

As I’ve been writing my book, Permission to Prosper, I’ve been thinking about how one can be more intentionally prosperous. For instance, let’s take Psalm one at face value, and recognize that if we’re in the group that God refers to as the righteous, then we are like trees planted by the river and everything we do prospers. That’s what He wants for us. The world is not perfect, of course, but what He wants for us is for us to prosper in all that we do.

How do we do that?

I’ve developed a 7 Step Prosperity Practice you can engage in every day as part of your morning routine. This practice will move you in the direction of your goals and dreams.

This is an amalgam of wisdom that I’ve learned from other people (great passages of Scripture and books by people like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy).

I practice these seven steps everyday.

They are constructed in a way that is meant to mirror the actual needs of your psychological self. If you’re familiar with Tony Robbins’ Six Human Needs psychology, then you know his hypothesis is that we have six psychological needs that are wired into our nervous system. So, the steps I’ve chosen are not arbitrary.

7 Step Prosperity Practice

  1. Calibrate Your State      The three components for putting yourself into peak state are:
    • Physical – what you do with your body (get moving and breathing)
    • Mental – what you do with your mind (practice gratitude)
    • Verbal – what you speak out of your mouth (declare truths over your life)
  2. Experience Gratitude
    Close your eyes and let gratitude flood your body and your mind.
  3. Match Your Desire with Clarity
    Review your goals and visualize experiencing the outcome of those goals.
  4.  Address Problems as QuestionsTransform the problem in your mind from a problem to a question and ask …
    • What’s great about this problem?
    • What can I learn from this?
    • What’s not perfect yet?
    • What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
    • What am I not willing to do to make it the way I want it?
    • What does this make possible?
    • How can I enjoy the process of dealing with this situation?
  5. Contribute in Some Way
    Contribute in some way to the joy, peace, and prosperity of another human being.
  6. Make a Connection with Other People by Being Present with Them
    Look them in the eyes, listen to them, value their presence and be present.
  7. Learn Something New Every Day
    Learn a new word, a Bible verse, a scientific fact or tidbit.

Each morning, in my journal I write down the answers to the seven questions based on my 10 Minute Prosperity Practice Journal Template.

It only takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to write all of this down, but writing it down is where the value is. As Dave McCullough says, “Writing is the doing part of thinking.” You haven’t done it until you write it down. It’s not real until you write it down.

If you want my 10 Minute Prosperity Practice Journal Template, then simply text the word “prosper” to 33444.

(You’ll also receive an invitation to join our Facebook community for Permission to Prosper. I’ll be sharing more about the upcoming book. If you join our community, you may get an early glimpse of the book.)

Remember the word this year is PROSPERITY.

Here are some snippets from our conversation:

The relationship between goals and prosperity – Why you are focusing on prosperity whether you have any money goals or not. 1:12

A seismic shift in thinking – Uncovering the catalyst that's guaranteed to change your attitude about goals, intentions and resolutions. 2:11

Getting off your BUT – How thinking life is happening FOR you instead of TO you changes everything. 2:42

Prosperity isn't just about you – Discovering why your prosperity benefits everyone, not just you and your family. 6:12

Make everyday like New Year’s Day – Unlocking your power to decide, “Today is the day everything changes!” 7:10

Prosperity is a choice – How to be intentionally prosperous in the new year. 7:21

The power of our six psychological needs – Discovering how meeting them in a low-class way makes you unhappy. 7:57

The 7 Step Prosperity Practice – Creating this morning routine will move you toward your goals and desires. 8:52

Change your physical state in order to change your mental state – Unlocking how to put yourself at peak state with the “triad.” 10:00

The power of daily declarations – How speaking the truth out loud over your life changes your thought patterns. 11:44

Tools to get you through the tough spots – Overcoming habit patterns that are not getting you what you want. 16:20

The power of cultivating presence – How to instantly feel more connected and more loved. 26:00

Next week’s episode: Business, Money, Prosperity, and the Gospel

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This week is a special edition of the podcast.

It’s 100% Spiritual Foundations – so, if you’re not into that, you may want to skip this one. During today’s episode…

* The one theme found throughout the Bible that applies to your goals, dreams, and desires.

* One of the most familiar verses in Scripture (even most atheists know this one!) … and how it has been woefully mis-translated in most English Bibles. When you find out what Jesus actually, said you may be surprised!

* What we can learn from the “midnight pest” who was really a “privileged guest”.

* The simple, biblical, 3-step process for getting your desires, needs, and goals met! (Really!)

* …and so much more!

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