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More and more, I find my iPad replacing other tools – like my computer, Kindle, and even my physical notebook.




In this week's podcast episode:

  • How to make money by goofing off.
  • The secret of becoming a better, more successful person – on automatic pilot.
  • And my recommended Top 10 iPad Apps For Idea Entrepreneurs.

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Tip Of The Week

How to make money by goofing off? I must be joking, right? Not at all. It's proven that our best ideas, most resourceful states, and highest periods of creativity come when we are relaxed and in “the flow”. The problem is we seldom experience this state as a conscious intention. Here's how to “goof off” productively.

Spiritual Foundations

The secret of becoming a better, more successful person – on automatic pilot.

While I was at a conference a few weeks ago, the topic being taught was “speed to implementation”. Surrounded by a group of born achiever types, I felt swept up in the momentum of getting things done quickly. I went to my hotel room that night and furiously worked on completing a book manuscript, and by the time morning arrived my initial draft was done. Why was it that I was suddenly able, or motivated, to get the book done so quickly? Did I suddenly have abilities that I didn't have before? No. I was being carried by the momentum of the people around me. Motivated, cajoled, provoked. I was, in short, persuaded by the power of peer pressure. The people we surround ourselves with influence who we become.

The point I'm trying to make is not a new one. It is simply that we tend to adopt the mannerisms, behaviors, and values of the people we spend the most time with. Want to become a better person? Be more successful? Be more punctual? Spend time with people who are more successful, more punctual, and who are in general the kind of “better person” you would like to be.

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

The interesting thing is, most of us do not consciously choose who those people are. What does the Bible say about this idea? Well we don't have to look far-in the book of wisdom known as The Proverbs, we find this…

The righteous should choose his friends carefully, for the way of the wicked leads them astray.
Proverbs 12:26

What if you consciously engineered being around five people who lift you up, instead of being around five people who pull you down?

Feature Segment:

Top 10 iPad Apps For Idea Entrepreneurs

This past Sunday in church, I did the unthinkable. During the pastor's sermon, I opened up my iPad and began doodling. Heads turned. Questioning looks appeared on the faces of the people around me. Some people try to pretend they didn't notice. My wife simply nudged our friends Jim and Diane, who were sitting next to us, and shrugged. As if to say, “Well, that's our Ray.”

But I wasn't ignoring the sermon or even being rude. I was taking notes in one of the top 10 apps that I use on a daily basis. My iPad has become such an indispensable tool that I even use it in church.

Certainly, in my business as what I refer to as an “idea entrepreneur”, my iPad is central to my workflow. So this weeks podcast feature segment is all about the top 10 iPad apps I use in my business, and that I recommend to other idea entrepreneurs. I won't just give you a list of the apps, however. I'll also provide you with a description of how I use them, and even a few tips that may be helpful if you choose to use them as well.

  1. Omnifocus. This is my go to app for implementing GTD. It's expensive, but I still haven't found anything else I like better. And I've tried them all.
  2. Mail. This is simply the native app that comes with iOS. I've tried a few alternatives, but I really like the way Apple has implemented this app. Notifications turned off.
  3. Agenda. I find Apple's Calendar app disappointing, and learned about Agenda through Leo Laporte. I've been using it ever since, and I love it. Integrates with Google Calendar seamlessly.
  4. Mr. Reader. I track about 300 websites, mostly WordPress blogs. It's how I find new and interesting ideas, trends, and tidbits that I can share.This only takes me about 30 minutes a day, and that is all due to Mr. Reader. This app aggregates all those websites into one convenient place.
  5. Pocket. When I find something online that I want to save for later reference, I put it in Pocket. I may save notes or clippings for a blog post, a book chapter, or simply for my own reading pleasure.
  6. Evernote. Evernote is my universal filing cabinet, where I keep blog posts in progress, book outlines, swipe files, reference material, and more.It all synchronizes between my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone. So all my stuff is available to meet anywhere, anytime. Indispensable tool.
  7. Penultimate. This is the app that left my moleskin notebook lonely and unused. It's a notetaking app, and it integrates with Evernote. Lose the paper, keep the handwriting, and remember everything.
  8. Kindle. I don't use my actual kindle device very much anymore. I carry around enough devices, and I use the Kindle app on my iPad to do most of my reading. I am considering trading my full-size iPad in for an  iPad Mini. Reason: the mini seems easier to hold for long periods of time when reading. It also takes up less room in a briefcase. Or a pocket.
  9. Downcast. I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is the app I use to do it. I wish it had a happier name. But I couldn't be happier with the app itself.
  10. MindMeister. I mind map just about every piece of content I write, every project plan, and… well, everything.I went through most every mind-mapping app available, and there are some good ones. I finally settled on MindMeister.I like the ability to share maps, I like the  look and feel, and it exports to just about every other mind-map software format. So I can share my maps between MindMeister and MindManager (the app I use on my MacBook Pro).

Bonus Apps: Olive Tree Bible Study App, Pages, Keynote.

Listener Questions

On this episode we heard from these listeners:

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