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It's not too early to start getting ready for 2015. In fact right now is the perfect time to assess how this year has gone, and what you'd like to see happen in 2015. In my case, 2014 started off a little “bloated” – both physically and mentally. I want 2015 to be lean & mean (in the most fun sense of that word).

How To Set Yourself Up For A Lean, Mean

That's what today's episode is all about: how to set yourself up for a lean, mean 2015.


I am getting excited about the upcoming Platform Conference in Colorado Springs, starting November 9th. There are still a few seats available, and you can still save $100 when you click here and add the special code RAY to your order.

Tip of the Week:

Plus, Cliff Ravenscraft and I are hosting a special one-day event the day after the Platform Conference. This is a “Day With Cliff and Ray”, and if you're going to be in Colorado Springs for the Platform Conference, you should definitely consider joining us for this event.

Here is what we will be doing at this event:

  • The Deeper Connection Session: During this session, every person will be given a few moments to introduce themselves. These introductions will be done in a fun and interesting way that will certainly help you get to know each of the other folks in the group on a much deeper level.
  • The Next Level Resources Session: During this session, Cliff and Ray will go back and forth, in rapid fire succession, as they share their most valuable tips, tools and other resources that have helped them to achieve what is most important to them. There is no doubt that you will walk away with many valuable resources to take your own platform to the next level.
  • The Most Valuable Investment Session: During this session, each member of the group will be given a few moments to share what they feel has been the most beneficial investment that they have made in taking their own platform to the next level. Hearing “what has worked” for others may be just the source of inspiration that you need to get a glimpse at new possibilities.
  • AMA with Cliff & Ray Session: During this “Ask Me Anything” session, you will have the opportunity to ask Cliff or Ray ANYTHING you want. Both Cliff and Ray are very willing to share anything and everything from their own experiences that may be of help to you. So just think about it. If you could ask anything of Cliff or Ray, what would it be? Next, write that question down and bring it to this session.

Spiritual Foundations:

3 ways to hear from God today.

  1. Know.
  2. Expect.
  3. Listen.

It's easier than you think.

Feature Presentation: How to Set Yourself Up For a Lean, Mean 2015

Here are 15 Practices I am adopting for a lean, mean, 2015:

  1. Devote more time to practicing the Presence of God.
  2. Evaluate all existing commitments and renegotiate or eliminate those that no longer work.
  3. Get more rest (8 hours + a nap).
  4. Read and eat slowly.
  5. Connect more deeply with a smaller number of people.
  6. Consume less, produce more.
  7. Upgrade my Mastermind.
  8. Schedule no more than 40% of my time.
  9. Say “No thank you” to 90% of requests for my time and energy.
  10. Spend 80% of my working time in the area of my Unique Ability. See Dan Sullivan's material on Unique Ability.
  11. Re-commit to GTD. Check out David Allen's GTD class on Lynda.com.
  12. Expand my use of templates.
  13. Make better use of my main tools: OmniFocus, DragonDictate, TextExpander, Evernote, Scrivener.
  14. Retire my email address and cell phone number.
  15. Simplify, simplify, and then simplify.

Next Week:  Chris Brogan!

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